About Us

CD Hullinger, Owner and Founder


I love my job! "I have been a children's book illustrator for over 25 years. We opened up our children's art studio 8 years ago with the intent of teaching children that we are all artists with a unique creativity process. Helping children find their creative artist and to have confidence in their ability is what I love best. Once you help them release their creativity, the possibilities are unlimited."

Stacy Teixeira, Studio Manager


 "My background is with business management and and teaching pre-school.. My passion has always been children and art. I believe that art is a perfect way to build creative energy and confidence that serves well with lifetime successes. With two young children of my own, we work with art almost everyday." 

Cathy Hertel, Fused and Mosaic Glass Artist


 “Working with glass had allowed me to learn, create, and enjoy the fascinating world of Glass Art in fun and unimaginable ways. I love to teach kids, teens, adults and seniors to work with glass at their own pace in their own unique ways. As a glass art teacher, my greatest enjoyment is to see my students unlock their creative abilities, and let their hand to express and discover their talents while working with glass art projects.” 

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Johanna Duque

   Please read carefully before reserving a session. 

  1. FOOD & BEVERAGES. For camps, workshops and classes, be sure your child brings a full lunch and at least two snacks and water. (Juice or other drinks are also welcome.) Drink containers can be refilled with tap water as requested. 
  2. MEDICAL CONDITIONS. If your child has a condition that could require a special medical attention, please call our studio before registering your child. For allergies, we need to know what the allergy is and what action to take if they have a reaction. 
  3. SAFETY. Our studio is also a GLASS studio! All participants must wear closed toe shoes when attending classes or camps. 
  4. ILLNESS. If your child has diarrhea, fever or lice, we will contact you to come and pick them up. We do this to protect all our artists. Upon returning, you must have a doctor’s note confirming the child is well enough to attend.
  5. RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR. We welcome all to experience the creative atmosphere of the studio. This requires that all are treated respectfully by staff and other participants. For that reason, there is ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying at CD's Art Studio. This includes threatening other participants or teachers, spreading rumors, physically or verbally attacking another person, and purposely excluding others from a group. Should this occur, we reserve the right to inform you and send your child home for the remainder of camp with no refund
  6. PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATIONS. Payments must be made online at least one week prior to camp. We accept ONLY cash or credit cards. No checks. If you need to cancel, you must contact us at least three weeks prior to the session in order to receive a refund. There will be no refunds for cancellations under three (3) weeks before a session. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be a $75 processing fee deducted from the refund.
  7. STUDIO CLOSURE. CD's Art Studio reserves the right to cancel Art Camp for any reason, at any time. This would only occur under emergency circumstances such as a fire, natural disaster, or medical emergency. A full refund will be applied and will be returned to your account within six months. 

By reserving a session, you confirm that you have read and agree to the policies listed above.