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What Happens At Art Camp?

 During Art Camp, there is a variety of projects made available to your kiddo's: acrylic paintings, stepping stones, fused glass, watercolor, gem and glass mosaics, pencil sketched animals, paper sculpture, paper collage art, and more!

Our camps are full of different mediums such as Painting, drawing, mosaic, air dry clay, jewelry making, fused glass art and much more! Oh and Friday is slime and pizza day! We provide the pizza. Still go ahead and pack a snack and drinks. 

Weather permitting, the kids will get a lot of exercise by playing games and having races.

If you send your kiddo to multiple camps, projects will always be different.


Every camp week will have new projects in store for your child, no one project will ever be the same. There will be at least two projects a day or one large project that takes the entire day. Your child will use this time to relax away from their studies and release those pent up creative juices for you to proudly display in your home!


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Camp Policies


While we do have a blast here, it is our obligation to protect all of kiddos. We do have a 0 tolerance bullying rule. No pushing, shoving, name calling, teasing, Inappropriate gestures or comments, taunting or threatening harm. 

No cancellations or refunds for camp unless doing so 3 weeks before.

Keep us informed, parents and student. 

We are pretty good at gauging our kids behavior to see how they are doing. But is also would be helpful if you remind your kiddos to talk to the teachers if they are feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, not feeling good, need more guidance or want to talk to their parents to please come to one of the teachers or helpers. Also, let us know if there are any special needs for your kiddo.

Some things you should know:

-No nuts! So many allergies

-Have your kiddo wear closed toe shoes(since we work with glass) No sandals. 

-Send your kids in clothes that don’t matter. Acrylic paint is difficult to remove especially  with sweaters. Dress for a mess!

-Bring plenty of water (we do have tap water to offer)

-No cell phones or electronics, except for lunch time. We want our students to soak up all the creativity we offer  by being present.

Call Us at anytime to check in on your kiddo.Stacy: 408-460-1060  or CD: 408-784-5118