5-8 Year Old Classes

 In our 5-8 year old classes, we will create acrylic and watercolor paintings, drawings,  mosaic and fused glass art and much more!

Our teaching style is both following the instructions of the teacher and applying their own unique style. Step-by-Step we will teach the kiddos brush strokes, shading, and perspective. Our studio environment is comfortable and welcoming.  We nurture both skills and confidence and encourage the kids to use their own creative style. 

The goal of our program is not just to do art, rather to introduce projects where a child will gain trust and confidence in their ability to create from within themselves. It is the perfect age to start. These little kiddos are eager to do art and very open to exploring their own 

capabilities without fear.  

By the end of our classes, our hope is that our students have learned skills that will encourage their creativity and to do so without boundaries that might 

otherwise stifle their ideas.